Tobacco Cessation


Smoking kills more people each year than illegal drugs, alcohol, car crashes, AIDS, murders, and suicides combined. For every person in Virginia who dies from smoking, there are approximately twenty more that suffer from other tobacco-caused health problems.  The annual health care expenditures in the Commonwealth of Virginia caused directly by tobacco use is $2.08 billion.

Tobacco users in Virginia who call 1-800-QUIT-NOW are 5 times more likely to succeed in staying quit than those attempting to quit on their own.  The Virginia Quit Line provides a multi-call, personalized counseling plan with fully trained Quit Coaches to those who are ready to quit using tobacco for good.  Based on the Virginia quit rate and a per tobacco user cost to Virginia, the Virginia Quit Line saved the commonwealth approximately $2.9 million last year.

By providing emergency funds to Virginia’s Quit Line, PC saved the state approximately $500,000.

Prevention Connections aims to increase the number of tobacco use cessation services available to those users who are ready to quit tobacco and stay quit for life.  PC provided one-time emergency funding to bridge the service gap in the Virginia Quit Line from the beginning of February to the end of March 2012.  These funds provided 757 tobacco users who were ready to quit with the critical cessation counseling services they needed.  Based on the Virginia QuitLine success rate of 15.3% (versus 3-5% of smokers who quit on their own) and a per tobacco user cost to Virginia of $6,374; PC’s generosity saved the commonwealth approximately $500,000.